On Demand

The PLUS Company provides group contract workers for light manufacturing, assembly, kitting, packaging, cleaning, retail, and other industries. No job is too big or too small. We provide on-site support/supervision staff at no additional charge. Our rates are well below the competition since we are non-profit. There are no surcharges, and no profit margins to grow. Our top priority is getting the job done, on time, with 100% accuracy. We also have experience working with Certified AS/ISO and Registered ITAR Organizations. See why dozens of businesses choose The PLUS Company for their short-and long term-projects.

8 Reasons Why Businesses Should Hire Us for On Demand Staffing Services:

  1. Superior Reliability – We provide transportation and manage daily staff numbers
  2. Scalable to your needs – Talented roster of over 60 on demand staff in NH and MA
  3. No Cost On-Site Training and Support – We provide site supervisors at no cost
  4. No Placement Fees — DOWNLOAD FLYER
  5. Pre-Screening and Talent Matching
  6. Improves Company Culture
  7. Promotes Workplace Diversity
  8. Non-Profit, Community-Oriented Agency

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